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Petter Ingebrigtsen

Guidance, courses and lectures.

"Change is planning and execution. The first is easy, the second is difficult."

Løsninger som virker i en kompleks virkelight

Solutions and opportunities in a complex world.

"Have you heard about the company that had problems with slow elevators? They were advised to install new elevators. This was too expensive for the company, so they decided to bring in advisors with different expertise. The logistics expert proposed different working hours for the departments in the building.

The fitness expert presented an exercise campaign to encourage people to use the stairs instead. The psychologist suggested installing mirrors in the elevator, as this could lead to a feeling that time is passing faster. The owner chose the psychologist's "simple" solution.

The solution alternatives depend on how one formulates the problem. Defining the example as a technical problem provides few possible solutions, but if one formulates it as a general problem, the opportunity for more solutions opens up."

"I contribute to finding new perspectives so that better solutions can be found. The first step is new questions."



Organizational development

Leadership coaching

Individual coaching


About me

"I am a trained psychologist and specialist in clinical psychology and have been working with leadership development for many years. For fifteen years, I worked at AFF at the Norwegian School of Economics, six of which I worked as the director of the Solstrand program. Now I work as a self-employed consultant for leaders and companies. This is to create value, meaning and profitability in businesses in new ways."




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